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World's First Affordable
Fully Automated Digital Slider

For Your Smartphone, GoPro & Mirrorless Camera

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Main Features

Pan & Slide
Parallax Shots
Extandable Rails
Interview Mode
Motion Trigger
Timelapse Mode
color grading
Product Shots
Social media

Timelapse Mode

When in Timelapse mode, the slider combines step-by-step movement footage with interim photos and allows you to manually choose your settings for stunningly customised timelapses.

Unlike regular sliders, InMotion moves to your desired position and pauses for a second to take a picture, before moving on to your next desired positions. That makes imperfect timelapses a thing of the past.

Video Mode

The Video mode brings you seamless camera movement with adjustable speed settings, and features soft starts and soft landings that happen automatically at the push of a single button. And if you want to enjoy continuous movement, simply loop your slider in Video mode and you’re ready to go.

Paralax Mode

With Parallax shots,
you can expand your vision!

InMotion slider gives you 36º wider
field of view than regular sliders!

InMotion Slider Field of View +36º

Face Following & Interview mode

The Face-Following function keeps you in frame as you move around so you can focus 100% on your content.

The Interview mode keeps your slider orbiting around a set object located up to 70 cm (38”) away and can be looped for a continuous movement that’s extremely pleasant for your viewers.

These modes will turn your vlogs, interviews or product unboxing videos into a walk in the park.

Live Stream

With the ability to live-stream all your content directly to your social media pages, InMotion makes growing your following and building a tribe of raving fans easier than ever before.

Kickstarter Coming Soon!

October 2017

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Easy to use with any device

The universal mount makes it easy to use with any Smartphone, light mirrorless camera or GoPro, while the builtin battery gives you 5 hours of effortless filming.

InMotion App

Whether using iOS, Android or GoPro, the InMotion App lets you create your unique cinematic stories with incredible ease.

Android, iOS, GoPro
Timelapse After InMotion Cloud RAW iPhone Timelapse


InMotion is the only device / app in the world to offer cloud RAW-Rendering dedicated for time lapses created with your smartphone. Whether you want to have your footage rendered on the device or uploaded to the InMotion Cloud for RAW colour grading and rendering, InMotion has you covered!

Motion Triggering

Using one infrared gate and 2 low-energy bluetooth sensors, the Motion Trigger can be set to start recording immediately or give you some lead-time for smoother transitions, so you can effortlessly capture your most epic action shots.


Made of light ABS materials and featuring easily removable units, the InMotion slider is extremely travel friendly and can fit easily into your backpack or camera bag.

Tripod Mount

InMotion features multiple mount stations for your tripod and magic arm or any additional accessories that enhance your videos’ sound and light effects.

Additional Features

Extandable rails

Combine up to two 15” rails to extend the slider to 30” for additional range of movement.

Extra battery

Want to keep your slider working continuously for extremely long time lapses? Simply hot-swap additional batteries using the built-in DC port and you’re ready to roll.

USB Charging

Charge your smartphone or additional accessories on the go using the 5V 1A fast charging USB port.

Perfect for amateurs & professionals

Wether you’re a professional or a newbie, the InMotion Slider takes your filming adventure to the next level and helps you create footage you can be truly proud of.

Kickstarter Coming Soon!

October 2017

See what happens behind the scenes
& get your exclusive early bird discount!

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